Textured Glass is a very common term used to describe, what the industry call, slump or patterned glass. This is where Star Glass get creative and demonstrate how versatile and unique glass can be.

The process of ‘slumping’ is amazing to do and to watch – The glass is heated to melting point; It then ‘slumps’ and sinks perfectly into our hand-crafted, patterned moulds to produce a beautiful, “textured” and visually pleasing glass product.

We understand our customers are also very creative and have ultra modern requirements. That’s why you have heaps of options available to customize and make ‘slump glass’ tailored to your project.

  • Maybe you want ‘textured bright aqua blue’ kitchen splashbacks?
  • Perhaps an impressive bright, colourful featured home entry frame sidelight?
  • Or simply a great unique tabletop?

Slump products are very versatile and can definitely impress. Get in touch for a chat or send us an email enquiry.

Want to see some samples?